Leitrim Quay, self catering cottages on the river Shannon, County leitrim, Ireland
 1. The Company referred to herein means either Leitrim Quay Ltd or Brackenwave Ltd.
 2. A booking deposit of 25% per home is required to secure the booking and the total charge is to be paid at least 4 weeks prior to arrival date, or by arrangement. A further damage deposit of €250 is required and is refundable on the satisfactory return of the boat and house.
 3. I agree that all amounts due to Leitrim Quay, including diesel, electricity, breakage, deposits, rental and any other charges can be deducted from the credit or debit card provided either in person or over the internet
 4. In the event of cancellation within 28 days of arrival, the total paid is forfeited. In the event of a cancellation prior to 28 days only the booking deposit is forfeited.
 5. The number of people stated on the booking form must not be exceeded.
 6. Electricity charges are based on meter readings and are payable at 19 cent per unit day-rate and 12 cent per unit night-rate. Diesel is charged per running hour of the boat engine. Standard VAT applies to all invoices and is not included. All of these, as well as any charges for damages occurred, are to be paid prior to departure.
 7. Possession of the house can only be taken after 4.00pm on the date of arrival, and must be vacated by 11.00am on date of departure, or by arrangement with the Manager. Boat demonstrations are at 5pm on the day of arrival or at 10am the following day (weather conditions permitting or by prior arrangement.
 8. No responsibility will be taken for articles lost or stolen from the property or the boat.
 9. The managers have access to the premises and may visit the home at any reasonable time.
 10. The homes and its contents must be maintained and left in a clean and tidy condition. A damage deposit is required and is payable on arrival (see above - point 2). This deposit will be returned should the terms and conditions have been complied with.
 11. The person booking undertakes not to do on their own part, or permit to be done by any member of the party, anything which may, in the opinion of the management, be or become a nuisance or annoyance which shall in any way interfere with the peace or general comfort of others using the homes or living in the surrounding area especially between the hours 10.00pm and 9.00am. To do so will mean the immediate termination of the rental and payment of full rental and all charges. The Managers decision on this is final.
 12. The management reserves the right to refuse a booking or refuse to continue a booking for any reason and at any stage of such booking, and to terminate the booking for breach of any of these conditions.
 13. The occupant and/or the person booking the accommodation are jointly and severally liable for the hire and utility charges where applicable, and compliance with these terms and conditions herein.
 14. Vehicles other than passenger cars are not permitted on Leitrim Quay, and are there at their own risk.
 15. All boats are rented on the understanding that the Manager, Leitrim Quay Ltd or any of its employees cannot be held responsible for any damage, injury caused or loss by use of the boat whatsoever and however caused. By agreeing to these terms and conditions the person booking accepts full responsibility for all people on the boat at all times and will not permit the boat to be used in anyway that will be injurious to any other person, whatsoever.
 16.In the event of a boating mishap the hirer must immediately furnish the Company with full particulars together with the names and addresses of the owner or hirer of any other craft which may be involved, together with those of witnesses.
 17. The hirer agrees to obey all of the navigation rules and regulations contained in the Handbook supplied with the boat.
 18.If owing to circumstances beyond the Company's control the boat or house is not available every effort will be made to provide a similar craft/house/apartment or provide a refund if appropriate.
 19. The Company retains the right to refuse to handover craft to any hirer who is not considered a suitable person to take charge.
 20. The Company retains the right also to terminate the cruise of any hirer who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
 21. The Company cannot be held responsible for any delays or restrictions of cruising waters arising from natural causes or from damage or repairs to navigational installations. The Company reserves the right to restrict cruising if unusual or hazardous conditions prevail.
 22. Only those areas shown as navigable in the Company's Handbook are permitted to cruising. Craft may never be taken beyond Lanesborough on the South and Belturbet on the East. Boats are not permitted to cruise or to remain at anchor after nightfall and must return to Leitrim Quay before dusk.
 23. The Company reserves the right to use any Boat in an emergency.